Tujiko Noriko

From Tokyo to Niagara


Produced by Aki Onda on a rather long period of time and in Japan, this new release from electronic-songwriter Tujiko Noriko is really good news. For the people who followed her previous albums on Mego this one should be a happy prolongation. Slightly more pop or just more produced in the classical way of the term, Noriko carries on here with her stories, songs and tiny relaxed voice. Much moods and atmospheres, rather rain or clouds but also skies and landscapes. »I ride the train / To Narita / I’m in the rear / Can see from here / The entire train« or »Devices to lose and devices to save / That’s what we make at our factory« or »I want to go to the inside of you every time you make such a face«. Daily life stories and extraordinary feelings for it. Minimal electronics or laptop sounds are here just a part of the album unlike before. The songs are now taking full space, probably that the producer is here to protect the artist from outsides. Very gentle, pretty sensual, quite unique. Clearly her own world and a strong one.