As summer is not really endless, you might be longing for a little extra warmth and comfort to dance to. So do yourself a favour and go get this Louie Austen single now! You definitely need to get hold of three copies at least. One for your sports car, one for your little jet, and maybe the third one either for your yacht, your sweet and humble Nassau residence, or simply: for your walkman… Anyway, by now all of your Austen records are being used for one reason or another since you gotta keep playing them over and over. (Later we can talk about all those CDs you can never finish listening to and the handful of others that you can’t stop playing. Quite a difference!)
You certainly need a little refreshment, look, this four-track single is smiling at you. Hold it gently in your hands: isn’t it beautiful? It’s time to enter the first shop with Astaire-like dancing steps. You approach the »A« dance section as Dalida would and pay the cashier like a real Onassis… Brilliant, highly recommended, fantastic! It is a total and overwhelming necessity, you have to have it, don’t even try to escape. (Can you imagine I had to stop listening to a maxi-single of Sylvester singing »Stars« to play the Austen single? It’s just sick.) Whereas most singles and four-tracks are often a way to pay more for less (from the so-called remixes to abusive »special whatsoever edits«, when marketing carries merchandising too far), this »Amore« single makes total sense. Each cut is different, and the whole CD has perfect continuity, plus interesting length (27’41“). We’re getting close to perfection. You have to be happy: you want it, you get it! Ready? GO!
PS: Fans, I would also recommend listening to some French prydes: the love yacht captain of the French Riviera, KAAPI, the eternal heartbreaker from Paris-Pigalle, Pierre Carré, and the sensible but not weak Katerine. And of course you can always go back to Dean Martin, Tony Bennett or Eddie Constantine. Champagne or Pina Colada?


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Noël Akchoté



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