The Zutons

»You can do everything«


From the way they sound I immediately look for places and particularly origins. This only happens in the States, you don’t get that sort of deep fried fat rockin‘ shuffling sound elsewhere normally. Although plenty of influences may cross your mind at times, they take over easily with strength and power. Classic Rock from before it was ever set. There’s clearly plenty of good riffs, songs and overall ideas in the Zutons. The kind of record you play a few times in a row over some weeks, perfect driving music. Guitar sounds are close to perfection, at least in their references. Recording and mixes are a real pleasure to listen to as well and the whole album doesn’t even feel revivalist at all. Smart people playing what they always wanted to, and did. Really worth your money, on the top of the pile this month for sure.


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Noël Akchoté



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