Jane Monheit

»The Lovers, The Dreamers And Me«


The reason I decided to listen to this new Jane Monheit album is this one: In general when you know who she is, know the frame and label it released on, know the musicians and overall concept, you can only come up with a 99 % a priori (not at all cause it?s bad, it isn?t by very far, but because it?s a totally restricted and conscripted area, due to buyers of such mostly). But maybe I?m wrong so let s try it ? (seven or so minutes later): I absolutely cannot stand her voice, her intonnations (lamento ? portamento on each note), as for the production it?s totally well done but blank to a point rarely achieved.

I didn?t mean to burn it down, but altogether it sounds like a clothe store for conservative people who never ever conceived clothing could be something else than wearing your opinions as a flag. Sorry about that, didn?t want to.


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