Various Artists

Sympathy For The Devil


And now ladies and gentlemen: The Big Cake! To have in one same issue of skug both ends of the music industry, namely Ilsa Gold on Mego Vs The Stones remixed by The Neptunes, Fatboy Slim ( plus Dvd), that is a fight we want to watch. Anyway, the best mix ever of »Sympathy For The Devil« was made at the same time as the record and is called, »One plus One«, a film by Jean-Luc Godard. What do we hear here then? The Neptunes have basically cleared and pushed the original track like if Justin Timberlake would jump any time in the studio and take over the whole thing. Thing is, Bastard Rolling Stones were always tuffer than Justin … As for Fatboy Slim he really does fuck all here. Just like playing a bit with the track and the knobs of the mixing board, slightly absent. It’s only for Full Phat to propose an idea, some sort fat rhythm and loose bassy sound, something to put underneath Sir Jagger. Next? Next is the original mix and we all wonder why we needed to suffer four more or less bad tracks to get back there? Such a perfect original mix! Always stick to originals, I’m permanently repeating it! (… and the winner is?).