Do you also think ECM should only get released during colder months of the year? In summer I really have no guts for these spaces, slow motions and other magic Celtic tales. Expect here it isn?t Celtic at all but Oriental. Again what can I say: It?s beautiful music, very well played, recorded, produced and all … It?s just that there must be a time for everything and I ain?t in the mood for serious interpretations of Oriental classical pastiche, even it?s totally seriously made and not a touristic trip by far. I feel for Mafuz, El Atrache, Feiruz or straightly some Oran Raï now better, it?s much more fitting the season and the perfumes in Paris. Sorry about that. I think from one of all the problems such albums raise one clearly is for me that it?s far too safe music, and I don?t really want to hear Oriental music played like Sainte-Colombe or Biber on Harmonia Mundi prods.


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Noël Akchoté



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