See when you are a serious improviser there???s always a point when you go to London and meet all these unbelievable musicians covering now about four generations of improvised music. Hans Koch plays bass clarinet and soprano saxophone, he has himself a long career as an improviser and many collaborations around the planet. London is here represented by Pat Thomas, Phil Minton, Steve Noble, John Edwards, Roger Turner, Mark Wastell, Rhodri Davies and Phil Durrant. Most of these recordings have been done in »the« improvised music studio in London (Gateway studios engineered by Steve Lowe, of course). One may say that this is a very »usual« improv album and in many ways that is the case but nevertheless I never really get tired to hear
London???s sound. Hans Koch plays really good here particularly because the size of the groups forces you to condense your playing. Everything???s delicate, appropriate, much of ensemble sounds rather than the big loud blow. Definetely a great album à la Emanem.


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