Joëlle Léandre, India Cooke


Red Toucan

We’ve all heard strings improvising before but we can always be surprised when it seems again totally new. That doesn’t happen too often, it is true. If duets are the closest musical form (we could argue on my deliberate choice to use the word »form« here, I know) to gibbering and conversing it does never guarantee any result. »What is a result?« is a serious question adressed to improvisors. All we have here is a trace, a slice and an audio document (called »album« and formated as a compact disc). However, this duet is one of the most interplayed I’ve heard in a long time. Every possible cliché or pre-determined conjecture are blown away by the fact of playing. Everything needs to be played up to the point that clearly you could tell that if it wasn’t so, none of these two great players would carry on. If improvising still makes sense it is here fully at work.

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