Irène Schweizer



I’m really glad Intakt decided to release this particular duet of swiss mentors recorded live during the last issue of the Ulrichsberg festival. I have seen the show and still remember it very well. That was not only freedom but above. I guess this was one of the best and most happening interplay that I had seen in sometime. Both Schweizer and Favre seemed so much at home, like playing for pleasure and their long careers more or less allowed them anything. See when you reach the point of being above most problems, questions or even troubles. Just pure improvisation, pure game and total playing. I don’t know if that was that particular place, day or moment but watching the show it felt deep, intense and totally relaxed. I mean no question that these two are masters at all levels. Instrumentally, musically, having a past of musical experiences that allows you to decide what you’d like and what not. A fantastic set now documented on a CD. I wish this album to become a classic like the Braxton/Roach or Cecil Taylor/Max Roach duets earlier.

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