Various Artists

»Native America Calling«

Trikont/Lotus Records

A raised fist and open hearts: the Native Americans Flag and Call. While the Sitting Bull, Peace Pipe and Feather Crown often come as a cliché nowadays, these sort of united indians tribute albums, for some reason I can’t explain to you, always sound slightly the same. A chief recitating and preachin‘ over some New Orleans blues funk vamp, sometime a bridge after a while etc … Yes, it’s a very dedicated album, it’s all top played, recorded and mixed together, each voice and character is fully touching and no one will ever be against such enterprise, but on the other side it’s again like looking for an Eiffel Tower compilation while in Paris. I’m not being fair, I know, and this particular album is in my top three of all the previous ones I got to hear, but can we not get American Indians to just do what they want without always feeling obliged to wear all that? Sure it will never be forgotten, but sometime progress goes also through the capacity to leave some behind. Sorry, really sorry.

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