Ricky-Tick Big Band

»Valtteri Pöyhönen«

Ricky-Tick Records

Finnish Big Band Orchestra and approach to the whole area. It immediately takes me into its great interpretation and arrangements, a very, very smart writing and balance of lines, counterpoints, swing and colours (amazing combinations of horns, mutes, clarinets, brass. Funny again, cause sure we are here in front of many references but not a single second of parody. It seems such an intelligence and sensitivity in the scores does a lot but I also find the humility of interpretations again shows that when people love rather than compete, a lot opens. This music, even though highly linked to its past history, speaks for today and brings you to hear their voice, their passion and knowledge here and now. Plus on the top I admire a lot the fact that this album can be heard by far more people than the jazz specialised audience. When it’s true, real and beautiful, it’s for all of us. A thrilling evidence is here awaiting for you, make the first step please and the orchestra will lead you after.


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