How many MTV unplugged records do we keep at home? At the end I can’t really count much more than three: Nirvana, Bob Dylan and the bootleg copy of Björk with the world Saxophone quartet. Alicia Keys is said to be contesting under the »R&B« section. Vague files and unproper documentations have lead in the past and present to wrong spellings. Isn’t what she does more of a soul pop mixture? Anyway: she sings perfectely, the whole show is totally under control, it’s her probably usual repertoire plus »goodies« as a few uninteresting covers like »Wild Horses« (not the song, the cover here). I don’t find my way into her charms or aura at all – I must say. I find her voice very common, short range and no particular grain (though compared to Aguilera or Lopez she’s deffinetely an artist). As I’ve just seen she got awarded on MTV last week I sort of assume she is as exciting as other award winners such as Green Day or Linkin Park. For fans only.


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