»Ultimate Collection«

I’m extremely thankfull to misses and mister Sony for sending me a copy of that best-of-the-best Annie Lenox and Dave Stewart works. Like probably many of us here I’ve never bought any of these albums simply because they’ve had constant and sustained airplay in the last 20 years. It does not mean I didn’t pay any attention to the golden team and couple. I’ve always found a strong and different signature, producer and composer, lyricist in them.

And this »Ultimate Collection« album is this far above any expectations.

On 19 songs I feel the need to rewind about half of it, and I’m sure my ears will urge me to undercover more. Each song is already a classic but also it’s totally amazing to see how the productions resist time here. Nothing sounds dated really. A bit like Phil Collins‘ »Face Value«. Really Perfect.


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