»TP 3 Reloaded«

Includes the hits »Trapped in the closet (Chapters 1-5)« seems important enough here to be sticked on this new release. It doesnt probably have any relation at all with the Charles Bukowski novel where he describes a west coast »all of litterature fame« party from the loo while taking a shit.

Exploring further into the CD I find right under the DVD a film-like poster that informs us on the »closet« situation: »It’s the only way to see what really happens«. Is Rap music definetely more Anal than Oral? However, the music is really good, the production brand posh and each track shows a different talent from R.Kelly. A little Soul, a little Funk, some Reggae, some Ragga, sports cars, big breasts and Snoop Dogg on one track. »You’re a Jamaican Queen, I’m an American King!« or on the song »Put my Tee-shirt On!« which goes: »My triple X on your body, girl you make it looks so right.« Will probably give you a closer picture of what it’s all about. Sucks or not?


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Noël Akchoté



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