»Sara La Kali«

Chat Chapeau/Universal

Electro Tango Sauced Pop NuJazz. Or Sade in Buenos Aires? These sort of mixes are always at very high risk to me. I’ll tell you why, because the original style fans will totally reject it (pure/impure), and the less definite audience might get bored precisely by the too orientated style of it. I give it the credit of doubt and time for about a minute but it obviously doesn’t go anywhere. It isn’t incarnated nor really directed, either ways. Sounds like a producer idea, or some marketing calculation. The instrumentalists have a great sound though, strings particularly are moving and personal, others play very humble as well, it is sensitive that way, but the attempt to repaint fresh such a repertoire isn’t fitting the band I would say. They be probably much better would they let their own musical desires speak. I’m sure they are very enjoyable live. Go see them first and get the album at the show after if you liked it.

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