Alessandro Bosetti & Annette Krebs



The sounds of Berlin improv and experiments. You do usually attach a lot of concepts, styles, maneers, schools and conter-definitions to this area of music. I actually see that more as a period of time than a matter of style. As far as I am concerned, and frankly very little involved, I could hear all sorts of things in it but always the same result. This particular album contains six pieces of an improvised kind recorded in Berlin during 2001. The press text explains that this release has been awfully late. See, I don’t hear it. Annette Krebs plays guitar and Bosetti saxophones, and i don’t hear it either. Few years ago french label Potlatch had released a gorgous duet album from Evan Parker and Keith Rowe. There I could really hear something of a unique kind. The same when Incus records had published some early 80’s tapes of the duo Zorn-Chadbourne at their peak in conceptual zapping game pieces. Is the aim of Krebs and Bosetti to project an empty picture of music? Would that help? I don’t know.