Tomas Korber & Gert-Jan Prins

»RI 1.5442«


Guitar, electronics and again: electronics. Not a CDR, lively recorded at »La Saline Royale d?Arc-et-Senans« (sounds like royal salt stock or so), in France, during summer (July) 2001. It?s been a while since I heard these two musicians and generally such areas of search and play. When it starts, I recognize immediately that sort of usual »meeting-point« alarm-pitch & tune creeping, gentle crackles and so on noises-close-to-sound type of … well that thing you all know by now since it became environmental-friendly. The track is (there?s only one of course) lasting seventy four solid minutes, and while I search for some word translation, I tend to forget it?s still playing. The kind of interactive audio patch you could easily stuff into some random programme and get it served sliced in any other calculated order. It?s very nice, though extremely predictable (but warm). OK.

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