Nicola Conte

»Other Directions«

Ishtar/Groove Attack

When I first saw this double digipacked album, it smacked of a Blue Note Jazz issue, but in fact it’s a Blue Note license reissue from 2004 (legal problems?). The press release tells: »This record represents Nicola Conte’s music aesthetic from every angle«, good. Recorded in Bari, it credits many italian musicians in a sort of Cinema Jazz production. One can hear Christina Zavalloni, Till Brönner or Nicola Stilo (Chet Baker). It’s the type of album that confuses me while I keep an ear-watch to the tracks passing one after the other. It doesn’t really fit today, although it really does give a »picture«. My mind comes to an halt, what would this be played and meant for? What is the address not the message, we don’t need one always)? I really can’t answer that one. You try.


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