Zero Illusions


Zero Illusions

Aaaaaantttttttteeeeeeeeeeeccccccchrissssssssssssstttttttttttttttt-ggggggggggggo-tooooooooo-helllllllllll. Yeah well that’s what you get, no bullshit about, zero gloves: zero illusions, all clear. If you loved Black Sabbath, you may enjoy this refreshed version, very local but like local sausages can beat the ones in the chain store. Loving the titles: »Carpe Diem«, »Son of the Devil«, »Enemy Within«, »Rise to The Challenge«, »Call of Duty« ??. I don’t mind once in a while such music, but more over I enjoy people clear about their plans, and do what they say, there you go: five stars, a cross upside down and a string of garlic please. Lovely!

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Noël Akchoté




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