Metal Galore

Everybody needs some metal, sometime ?? never say yes to »no«. BULLET’s »Highway Pirates« is pure classic hard-rock from the AC/DC, Saxon & Scorpions days (which bands they seemed to have opened for in various festivals, logically). Despite no one here really matches totally the original Bon Scott nor Angus Young. They do provide a real fair trade kosher metal momentum. Solos in all traditions (mostly the early days of some new technique on the second choruses can be found), steady two step drumming and always to the point song formats. It sounds a bit like someone trying to find whole the 3 chords combinations AC/DC didn’t yet, but I don’t mind such games and missions. Very nice, cheers a lot, mind your bollocks in those tiny glitter slippers though. ?? MEAN STREAK’s »Declaration Of War« is a more »modern«, up to date type of speed metal that also shares some beautiful tribute to the originators (from Ozzy to Satanic Doom). I really like the singer (Bruce Dickinson) who confines an amazing salad stretch of opera-falsetto-cartoon-transvestite-emo-goth rock. All in its juice, tight sword-speed rhythm section slashing in the journey to hell. Their new lead guitarist (Patrick Gardberg), does a great job too, sometime a hair to speedy, but very well confirmed in the games of metal guitar needs. I may be a hair less touchable by the Donjon & Dragon and other Dark Princesses showing up as goat-horse-licorn-woman, but never mind, it’s still very very OK. ?? With »Fill Your Head With Rock« BONAFIDE proudly prints on the cover a Gibson SG Junior (same shape of guitar as Angus Young’s one but with a single treble pick-up on the bridge, usually a Gibson PAF 90, the one we all want). Musically it’s not so metally but rather FM (slightly Hard) Rock. Generally a little sleepy, or too square for me, though with a permanent Bon Scott trace in the vocals. Don’t know, I could easily do without and compared to the others it lacks a certain flame, self-parody or hysteria to it – Drink Fresh Blood every morning, grow your hair, shake your head, undress purple, gold and make your eyes cruel & sweet. Show your failures and enjoy that. I do.


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