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Le Pop 5 (Les chansons de la nouvelle scène française)

Groove Attack

Why do I have always to review these new French chansons compilations, whereas many other non-French media partners may really enjoy it for what it is? Plus, the thing is, I know personally or worked with half of the artists on the album already. Of course I want to say beautiful things about Albin De La Simone & Vanessa Paradis, of Marianne Dissard or Naïm Amor, about Benjamin Biolay – and probably less keen ones of Julien Doré or Coeur de Pirate. Is it an official release from some Cultural Foreign Affair ambassador in order to get our girls and boys more heard abroad (some are already on this compilation)? Who Cares … there we go, my favourite Top 5 tracks are number one: »Adrienne« (De la Simone & Paradis, his voice is a real discovery, a real pleasure too, very personal but also full or memories – not to comment on the composition which stands like little jewels of chanson here). Number two: »La fin d’un monde« by Dominique A, or when he sticks to the essentials, his unique emotionally loaded voice and his non-less unique lyrics. Number three would be Vincent Delerm (»Je pense à toi«) because his talent is to annoy you as much as surprise you, or when everything charming can turn into a sudden desire to kill its interpret and author. Number four will go to Benjamin Biolay (»Ton Héritage«) for being one of the last serious composers of chanson in the country (all subjective, I know) and five goes to Mélanie Pain & Julien Doré cause I rarely laughed so much on vocals since a while (both of them actually) in »Helsinki« (try it really it’s hilarious, can’t be possible). Could easily mention Marianne Dissard here and of course as usual: Mathieu Boogaerts. As for the rest of the tracks on this compilation, well … let’s say it’s like the reasons I have to pass through Paris regularly but not stay too long. All Yours.


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