»Hipothetik Disasters«

Rare and Indus grooves in sampled and electronic music. Not much really to say here as the general feeling is rather functional and atmosphere music. It often happens that in a bar, disturbed by all sorts of noises and activities, such music supports well some kind of audio perceptions. Lady Atone with Bx Style and after 2 minutes 30 of a toy-industrial beat includes some political statement via sampled voice from Dassault, the weapon manager. Following Vernon Le Noir is a little more successful I find in mixing various sound sources. Horten V3 holds a real good drum sample over an ambient loop, etc, etc. See I may be pretty old fashioned here once again but the electronic music syndrome which allows more or less anyone to set up a piece of music via collage and samplers and audio programs, doesn’t necessarily mean that we, in return, need to take all that seriously. It’s really not a bad compilation, it simply sounds a little too fresh and not quite worked out yet. Different music you can buy per meter, if that makes sense. Next time I’d get a producer in the studio maybe?


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