Would she not come out the same month as Duran Duran’s Re-take-off, I’d probably re-route you all to Amy Whinehouse’s »Frank« debut album as »the« thing you need to hear. She’s a ›better Feist‹ one might say ( à la »spex«). No! She ’s possibly much more than that. I like the fact that after the third listening I still don’t get it clearly and that each time she brings out all kinds of discoveries (lyrics, samples behind, glitches in her voice, etc.). And such a cute little big girl got a »Parental Advisory« official trademark censorship sticker on the front of her album? Yes, but that is not because she has been doing anything wrong, it’s just the industry back there that’s fucked.
You want to talk hybrids? Here is Amy! The album is on Islands, she sings more like Blondie meets Mariane Faithfull and Peaches, but the music comes from Jazz Greatest hits samples and loops (Basie, Quincy, Sammy Davis jr, Donny Hathaway, Roy Ayers), though total anti-Nu jazz. And so on and so on. Shall I say it raw ? If you cant stand Alanis M. for fuck sake you’ll love Amy right away. I can’t explain but I swear. I don’t actually know how to tell you that. She has something of Tinky Winky goes out with Lemmy from Motörhead and they meet on the way Seymour Cassel for an happy hour in New Orleans, or something … Anyway you’ll have to listen to it twice though, cause it’s all full of hidden things to taste. Lovely, Amy! The Real Stuff!



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