Kane sings for the girls though you can’t precisely say it’s a boys band. It’s just a trio taking a walk on the sea-side and then flying a B-52 back to the studio. When you open your new album with a real slow ballad you’d better know what your audience likes. It’s indeed the sort of music that hits the top-10 charts worldwide and we skug mostly ignore and never pay any attention to. To our benefit please notice that if not a regular Bravo reader it’s a little hard to recognise the who’s who in there (I’m not talking about Avril Lavigne, Robbie Williams or Ashanti either). But watching carefully the photos you see the lead singer’s like Johnny Depp, Enrique Iglesias and a Calvin Klein advert a bit. I really can’t say much about it as it is a perfect product, a perfectly well produced album and controlled target. I wish I’d listen to more of these and be less speechless, too.


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