Bernhard Fleischmann

Welcome Tourist


Wrapped in colours that remind you more of a Cuban flag, this is a double CD featuring Fleischmann with guest appearances of Christof Kurzmann on disc one and a long ballad entitled »Take your time« on disc two featuring the same plus W. Dafeldecker, B. Stangl and M. Siewert. Apart from technical session details and credits the only text you find here is a quote of Thoreau???s »Civil Disobedience«. The first record is a serie of songs and instrumental pieces that feels like film soundtracks. Very melodic, light electronic beats and other devices with quite some nostalgic highway music aspects. Is that something like when tourists are in, locals are out? Anyway it really sounds very nice, has a real flow, a good timing and perfect lengths driving
into the second disc, a pop ballad. About 45 minutes of heavenly piano chords and drones modified or accompanied all through the track and until it reveals itself being a song sung by Kurzmann: »you feel yourself a waste time … «. Martin Siewert???s pedal steel guitar is particularly remarkable here as it probably balances the whole general feeling timeless music. Cause apart from the electronic dressing it does sound quite out of time. Willie Nelson meets Jim O???Rourke and the Lonesome cowboys in the alps. To me the most symptomatic question remains the one of a topology here. Like a music in departure but to where exactly? America, the western world or a better global world ? Could it be that »welcome tourist« is an inverted message? I have no clue, we just can listen.