Walk The Nile

Rune Grammofon

Do they call it »Scandi-Jazz«? It seems so. Here we go again: Hammond organ & keyboards trio with bass and drums playing full gaz, full intensity, full retro-move as well. You’ve heard most of this music already but you don’t remember it was by this trio. Might well have been by many other trios actually, a while ago. I am always a little embarrassed to review such Scandinavian releases because the music on them is always top level, top played, top recorded and packed but soon makes me feel like getting back to any original recordings a little less »topped«. It’s fantastic if you like it already and have good reasons to prefer Rune Grammofon releases to previous 70’s progrock or open jazz (any early ECM Terje Rypdal or Jan Garbarek groups for example). Can’t say less, can’t say more.

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