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Jazzwerkstatt Records

The larger ensemble version from Jazzwerkstatt is here at play and work. An open instrumentarium for all purposes, from modern soundings to earlier ones, it’s important to use a door that leads into another room where more doors will reveal … There’s a lot of collages at first and it’s a hair hard for me to focus between Dodeca-Wien, Zappa, Count Basie and John Zornish influences, but I am open to experience more and see where it’ll take me. Nika Zach sings on most tracks, leading the arrangements somehow, or being the central key of the band. I’d like to be more positive about but soon the too many compositional gimmicks and cut-ups get annoying (here a fuzz line to double an off side fast bass clarinet blitz question & answers etc. … I don’t know). If  there was a bit reducing it all down to what it feels at first, I’d say it’s a bit of demo of the early V.A.O., without a real leader and advanced writings for it, nor totally the same level of instrumentists. Really not too sure of that. I miss the main course, like too many peanuts and crackers and nothing serious, warm and solid coming.


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