Tanita Tikaram has released a new album


Seven years did pass by since Tanita Tikarams last album. These days the new album Sentimental (V2/Edel) is released - time to talk to Tanita about songwriting and ideal working situations.

Did it take seven years to make the new album? Tanita Tikaram: No.

Did your personal experiences influence this album very much? If so: what kind of experiences? Tanita: I think all writing is influenced by personal experience but the imaginative process is a mix of many different influences and personal experience is certainly not dominant.

Please discribe your process of writing a song? Tanita: It varies. But essentially I will be playing around with a melody and singing the first thing that enters my head. It’s a very free process and usually a song is written very quickly.

How would an ideal working-situation be like? Tanita: For recording: the last album was quite ideal. Working with very understanding enthusiastic musicians in an ensemble atmosphere.

Do we have to wait another 7 years on your next album? What are your next projects? Tanita: I don’t know! I have absolutely no sense of time!

How was your life, after the hit Twist In My Sobriety? Tanita: It was rather lively. But I was very young and when you are young you are rather flexible and accepting of most experience.

Did Twist In My Sobriety put pressure on you to produce another hit? Tanita: No. It gave me a great deal of financial independence.

Tanita Tikaram: Sentimental (V2/Edel)


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