Oskar Aichinger


Between The Lines

The very first piano chords I get to hear reveals a very fine touch. Something you’d hear rather from older musicians like Paul Bley or Misha Mengleberg, just similar in the knowledge or capabilities to take music further away. This one album says to have few various basis and playgrounds (soundtracks, films, dedications, pictures) but it’s most exciting part seems to me to lay in playing and improvising. I don’t exactly know how long the »original trio« (Achim Tang and Paul Skrepek) has been playing together but they do really sound like one same move, a trio (and they may not even be, I don’t know). I particularly enjoy the bass and drums tandem in their way to support the whole project. Always right, strong but not heavy, correct but not polite, listening and bringing to the music what it may lack in other sides of the project. There’s a fourth member on the album (actually appearing in quartet or duet settings), Stefan Nemeth on synth and live electronics but I’m less sure of these tracks as I don’t really see the link between Viennese electronica (as an archetype in soundscape) and Aichinger’s trio. A very nice album.


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