Jo Stance

»s/t - The Stance Brothers Introduces A Magnificent New Talent«

Ricky-Tick Records

Jo Stance produced by Teddy Rok, those names rings a bell, but which one? I can’t remember yet. I like the sound a lot. It’s alive, Chicagoans, sharp and electrifying. Even it sounds like recorded 1964 and could well be mistaken for a Stax & Motown left aside session. Gog Bells, Tambourine, Pulpy Bass, Baritone and Horns, Tight Backing Vocals, a bit of vibes here, some Steve Cropper telecaster-like guitar riffs. I really have a hard time believing this is a recent production. Nothing at all it makes any waving signs of today’s beat, life and geo-political context. Are you sure?


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