Daft Punk

»Random Access Memories«

daft life limited

»Give Life Back to Music« is the opener, Nile Rodgers‘ inimitable and tight guitars upfront, all other instruments played real (bass, drums, piano …), warming you up a way only music does. This is no affirmation but comfort, smoothness and perfect heat, silk and leather, cocktails and view on the bay, sunset. »Like The Legend of the Phoenix, all ends with beginnings«. Music speaks its own language, one where words can only be lyrics, one where every moment of your life found its sounds, its most perfect pace and understanding. Music can make you cry, dance or meet the other, it can take decisions for you, point you out, take you out of all dark matters. Music you go back to, music that never leaves you, music that knows you better than you’ll ever know »her«. Just music and heroes, our heroes, our music. An endless library of emotions, tones, beats, scratches and punch-lines, phrases and statements, licks and riffs, torn pictures and sepia souvenirs, posters and badges. »Random Access Memories« is what it says, does what they both wanted and so much more that after a seventh complete listening already, I can tell you it will live in me a long way, certainly teaching me so much, showing me new ways … So much love and joy, truth and wordless intelligence, sensuality. Only music, music only can. »What keeps the planet spinning, the force of the beginning«.


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