Outubro - Solo Guitar Playing

Where and who is Manuel Mota in 2007 ? I’m not talking about finding his

email adress or website or trying to locate him on a map.

No map will do, he is his own. He is a presence, a passion, a source of

light and inteligence, an evidence. – Two discs : one says Acoustic Guitar

the other one Electric Guitar. It is probably about the maximum

information one could give. This double album is like a book but each of his

records are like that. To me his music involves all the history of music

since the word music has been found. He improvises songs, standards,

traditionals, repeated lines, landscapes, attacks, chords, gaps, suites,

links, bridges and language. He Strings them. While listening to this music

i start to see Picasso drawing on a glass in front of Clouzot’s camera

in »Le Mystere Picasso«. Mota is also a mystery, you can’tell what happens,

how does he provokes so many ideas in you and where does this come from. You

ll never be a passive listener here. He permanently confronts you to the

origins. All of them. He definetely has left any idea of Styles far behind

himself. Anyway most musical terms would only define a small part or an

isolated apect of his whole being.playing. He is someone giving you

something in the hands. Something pure, something naked and fragile, but

also timeless and nameless. The idea before the verb, before society or

aside. In the worst case you should collect all his albums and place them in

your library. Just watch them and await the time when you ll open one and

listen. His music will ask you Who are you and Where are you ?