Josef Lackner & Günther Schöller

»Lejtsim: Traditional Klezmzer«

A beautiful Klezmer repertoire’s reading that melts and echoes (balkanic intonations here and there) even further than the usual late understanding or expectations recently back into scope. If Klezmer has it’s known repertoire (known but wide and of many origins) it also is a unique history of its people. One could even say that it’s all about »Klezmerizing« the music of where the jews happened to live, play and settle. A traditional melody or song often entered the repertoire because they had to be played in certain and local situations, whether they had any relation to jewish cultural traditions or not. What I like the most in this album is how these two seem to deeply enjoy and live this music, by simply letting us share it and hear it for what it is. No pose, effects or attempt to, but just music and its already loaded past and present. Beauty can be so simple if you accept it. Very, very nice.

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