»Half-past Human«

Park Attack is a trio from Glasgow with Guitar-Vocals, Drums and Synths with post-past music and sounds. Somewhere around DNA, Sonic Youth or Steve Albini’s 90’s productions. It remarkably interpretated up to the point where you really feel like standing-up and go fetch the original albums off the wall. They really do a perfect »pum-chak-pum-chak« punky drums sound & pattern and as we know that fits just perfectly to a Fender Jazzmaster or Jaguar electric guitar plugged straight into this beloved Marshall combo amplifier. Then you have the synthesizer (extremely analog old model) who does melt all these »pum-chak« with warm weird crunchy notes and noises. A real festival. Don’t think I’m being cynical even one moment. It really sounds perfect and is a rather welcome record. The only thing is: Why in 2006?


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