»Funky Drumming« | »Hot, Funky & Sweaty«

First of all let me take this opportunity to tell the label one thing: Why,
with such great compilations of fantastic or special tracks, do we need to get such an awful layout? »Funky Drumming« is a top selection from a total unknown drummer to me (Gomezz from the »Reamon«? A Yamaha endorser though). All taken out of the Fantasy catalogue of forgotten 70’s albums (mainly cause they’re sessions and jams originally and in the Funky Style cause these were the days straight Jazz interested no one anymore). You get Rusty Bryant, Melvin Sparks, Charles Kynard, Patrice Rushen or Jack De Johnettes »Sorcery« and I’m sure even jazz fans never really paid any attention to their albums. »Hot, Funky & Sweaty« is compiling more recent Acid Jazz, Organ Combos and Funky grooves à la Booker T or Sly with a touch of Blue Note artistry (Grant Green, Ike Quebec, etc.). It’s more of an interesting portray of a hidden scene to me, as I have to admit that I haven’t even heard the name of most these bands before. See how from an ugly cover you sometimes get great music on the record. (Think of Reggae and Dub reissues with dreadful artwork and zero credits inside!) Keep the Music, the fully detailed booklets but get white sleeves instead and that’ll be fine.


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