»Choose Love«

Yes Ringo, well done again. Choose Love is his forever new album, the one before the next one, and most of the time the previous one we all sort of forgot which one it was already. Alike Bob Dylan, Ringo has a talent to make the whole thing Look-Sound-Feel like it could be twenty years ago, or will. But nothing like them would be stuck in the past, it’s even sort of the opposite. The present times are still glued to their own past, not them personally, not at all. That explains why they do not need to dress every 3 years like the others do around (probably raving to sell one per cent of what they’ve done already). It’s rather that every year sees young people badly miming and underdoing what they did before. A Ringo Starr album is something to collect (do you too?), it has to me some sort of Claude Chabrol aspect. I can hardly decide myself to start but once I did I need to go through 10 or more albums, films … once the taste is set, the orgy can start.


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