»Bird Jam«

Zawinul live at Zawinul’s. His syndicate being since over 30 years and even before it was called such, the golden school of world musicians and other undiscovered talents from Africa. It s true that this particular double live album wont let you discover a new side of the Austrian master of keyboards but at least it s a proper club atmosphere record, a really good night at Zawinul’s Birdland venue in Vienna (and I guess quite some skug readers or members are holding such a place in poor esteem. Tough I’ve had the luck to witness Marianne Faithful performing for nearly 100 happy VIP people there already). I’ve asked for that one album after being in a coffee House where they played it as background music. Instead of talking louder against it, it made me stop and grasp bits and pieces here and there, through a Zawinul Line, a Vocal Female Lead, a Black Afro Rhythm section particularly on the top, and so on… until I wasn’t really anymore in that cafe but already had a foot in Zawinul’s Birdland, just a block away from here. Nice.


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Noël Akchoté



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