Being Nice Is Funny

Mort aux Vaches/Staalplaat

Whether being in a good »happy family« mood alters your ears could be a question (though one I obviously can’t answer!) Yes, being nice is sunny, and why not, after all? I don’t like or dislike this record: I’m just very simply enjoying it as it is. »Morte aux Vaches« is a rare and real series. It stands for a form, a format and particular »catalogue« of other music desired. (One should know that in French »Mort aux vaches« is used for »fuck the cops«.) In itself it is a perfect object for accessing various areas you might want to enter. As sometimes a newspaper article is preferable to a long essay or a book. TV POW does produce a kind of funny quiet laptop music. Nothing is pushed, it has a sense of humour and it doesn’t make you feel like you have to understand something or stay an idiot. Just play it and live with it, it’ll be enough for today. Titles are a clue, I guess: »Ostriches Never Learn«, »Moving Mainly On Millenniums«, »Got Any Jokes About Sandwiches?« or the prophetic »Sounds Pretty Good For That Type Of Thing«. Yes, it sounds great and not only for that sort of stuff… No one will call it »new« or anything, but »good« is already pretty much for someone who has to face loads of releases (not your problem, I understand.) Last but not least, the cover looks very good, and is also enjoyable to touch (you know, »little details« can be so important.) The perfect length to be played twice or more, like always in the series: 37’45“. Get it!


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