Marlene Dietrich

An evening with ... New London Theatre 1972


I guess that every legend has had one more memorable appearance or broadcast amongst many. We all remember Elvis singing on the tiny ring surrounded by wild fans and backed by his usual group in an acoustic set up (Scotty Moore etc. … ). In the case of Marlene this 1972 London show which has been more than once broadcasted for Christmas remains probably the most outrageous and amazing one. The lady is in wonderful form, a savage balance of nostalgia and present time, a white fur coat and diamonds all around her neck, a wide empty stage with a light shower just on her, the band being smartly hidden behind a transparent curtain. And what orchestra, the highest times probably of Abbey Road and easy listening sessions in London particularly not credited at all here in this DVD. However, the track listing says much about that show: »I Get A Kick Out Of You«, »The Laziest Girl In Town«, »When The World Was Young«, »I Wish You Love«, »La Vie En Rose«, »Lola«, »Honeysuckle Rose«, »Falling In Love Again« and altogether twenty songs. The Bonus track nevertheless does not really include Marlene Dietrich and is called »Copyright« – The producer warning the audience that they are going to be shot and edited in the program. A very interesting detail to notice and that could also bring us back to all that time passed since these days where even a broadcast was still the show first of all. This Marlene program should be in your bibliotheque, no question.


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