Anything and everything for the Blues. »My heart to daddy« in this case. You’ll never see me saying a single bad word on an artist of the size of BB King (I???m not taking diabetes here). However you value him in the blues history (originator, projector, inventor or simple good preacher), it is his own legacy that directly changed the face of guitar in 60’s white rock’n’roll. »80« is like a happy birthday party we’d do to our beloved ones. It’s again the one track-one guest easy concept (Sherryl Crow, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler as expected but also Bobby Bland and most unexpected, Sir Elton John for an amazing duet). At this age the King isn’t diminished at all, he still plays as ever, slightly more laid back but no one would remark it. With BB King I take his entire discography. Take it or leave it.


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Noël Akchoté



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