A »Nice masterclass« … Something sounds wrong here but I can’t quite tell you what yet. I mean the line up is very nice (Brazil, France, USA, etc.), very diverse and mixed, the project seems to have taken place over long periods of mutual respect and exchange and has also been recorded in various studios and locations. But at the end the cake doesn’t really take off. It’s like if everyone was already so glad and selfconfident before it even started, that it doesn’t really feel like a need at the end. Coleman particularly sounds behind what he uses to play and I think that affects quite a lot the other players who can’t really take over. His music is often as much in his playing than on the score, or it’s the exact same so that if he doesn’t drive the band by his own playing the things tend to stay slightly litteral as opposed to strictly musical. Besides that the object itself, a double CD with enhanced bonus video, looks too heavy and posh for such music (I find). A much more compacted and edited version would have been probably more desirable. A well known Jazz and Institutional cultural pathology? It could well be.


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Noël Akchoté



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