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Two trumpets and an accordion recorded in Barcelona last year. We’re touching here the borders of few genres, from Improvised to exprimental and composed contemporary music. If this music has an obscure side it also stands as a question to me. First of all because here each instrument is played in a rather extended, stretched way but also because it’s hard to underline the exact path of it. It is indeed surprising, never falling where you could expect it to. Just as an example, it’s often played very quietly but still it remains very powerful and dense or it seems improvised but at the same time sounds very organised. It’s in many ways poetic but not exactly extatic. Should I go on like that trying to explain it or simply leave it happen in my ears? The instruments are reaching certain limits, it starts to crackle or sounds like ready to break, then silence comes again, deep breathing, pauses, restart, etc … it’s maybe just a crossroad or a state of the artists here involved. I can’t tell and the more I listen to this trio, the more I want to leave away any form of understanding. It works, it exists, very simply, it’s here played.


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