My Sleeping Karma


Elektrohasch/Sonic Rendez-vous

Karma-Soutra or? As I never enjoyed a single second smoking dope (sorry I m »rooted«, I like the way grapes grow and get transformed into red wine for my own pleasures that I always shared with others), I’m a bit dubious about the Elektrohasch label deal here. But listening to the album I totally see what smoke does them good. It’s an instrumental (classic guitar, bass and drums trio) posed album, going to its own point its own way (very nice, still too rare). It isn’t purely ambient, nor dub-ish, nor too slow: it’s just what they wanted and felt playing. And that is more than one point to me. Nice guitar lines, entirely embodied and in its own state of subjective ear; a very together trio going safely step by step. A fair proposal, I take it as they offer it. 

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