»The Ultimate Adventure«

It looks like an advertising for L.Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics but I haven’t started to listen to the album yet, so I can’t tell you if it also sounds as such a thing (well … the first three lines of the booklet now confirm a 1000 % Scientology based album). Older and more recent encounters are here again at play: Hubert Laws, Steve Gadd, Airto Moreira but also Frank Gambale, Vinnie Colaiuta or Tim Garland. And the music is on the same level as what you’d expect. Certainly not under, but really not different either. Nice middle tempo rhythmic patterns, lovely Piano and Fender Rhodes comments, some complex chords or accents sometime and along a very clear general way. The two musicians, who I’d point out here are particularly bassist Carles Benavent who really links and plays with the material above the function and Hossam Ramzy who’s awaking the whole thing with his percussions. The main thing is: Are you gonna listen to it because of Hubbard or because of the result? The result can be found much more happening in Corea earlier productions.


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