Vain Victor

»The Kick«


Got that one obviously too late: »The Kick« celebrates 2008’s Euro Football thing, that already happened now. Lyrics are juicy like hell, and suddenly flashes you back to the long-long history of (dull) single albums accompanying some event, celebration, opening and so on … »This Little Ball / Is International / Kick it!, Just Kick it – This Crazy Ball / Is super Natural / Kick it, Just Kick It – This Little Ball / Is Inter-Cultural / Kick It, Just Kick it« – And of course the production is made in the purest electronic 70’s Robot Voices style, and square Korg Synth. Now Imagine the same lyrics would be in the mouth of Berlusconi, Haider or some actual french presidency (won’t name the *ucker anymore, it’s decided), and you may start to pack your suitcase and watch for any possible land to escape. Hopefully nothing happened that bad while Euro-ing but … you know, times they are what we see. Whether we see it as real or not. Good Luck.


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