Rafael Toral

»Space Elements III«


Whether the legendary Don Cherry »Mu Sessions«, other duets like Billy Bang & Philip Wilson, Ed Blackwell & Dewey Redman, and many more with great masters of the area such as Andrew Cyrille, Milford Graves, Sunny Murray, Thurman Barker, Tony Oxley … this album seems on one side standing in this line. Leaving open, or generating in the same move, another »space-place« in your brain. Maybe Saint-Germain re-building the Blue Note catalogue? It’s hard to tell for me, it reminds me having a discussion with Toral on »Jazz« and not being able to translate what jazz he meant, a jazz angle, perception, understanding, new to me. Like often with him, an album is as much a statement than a platform of new departures, a proposal and a reflection. An interesting and questioning jazz, obviously.

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