Since some year already I sort of prophetise the »Return of Fusion music and Jazz-Rock« But it didn’t come down on us yet. As I was opening my views to Martin S. in front of a beer the other day he entered a short silence, looking slightly dubious and raised the good point : »But that’s very difficult music to play!«

Nothing can stop MC Uri »Mastermind« Caine and his two pals from the »Fabulous Bedrock 3-O’s« (read three times the letter O). Caine is like: »Just hum it to me and I’ll orchestrate it for you now.« If you previously liked Kiss, »School of Rock«, Tania Maria, »Histoire(s) du Cinema« by Jean-Luc Godard, Esquivel and Van Dyke Parks, Miami Vice, Spyro Gyra and Les Mc Cann, Steve Mc Queen and Klaus Kinski, Blood Sweat & Tears, Steve Gadd and Abe Laboriel, than this record is for you as well. The most radical »music in context« album since Albert Ayler’s 60’s trio. Go Bedrock!