Charlie Parker

»Retrospective 1940-1953«


»So what are you looking for exactly, something easy, some new stuff?«, says the salesman to our client, lost in between two freshly arrived piles of the new »Groove or Die – Best of Clubs« vs. »Plays the music of Doom, with extra bonus unreleased tracks« (special bargain price for first week buyers only, get two and leave with three). »I’d rather get something good that I’d keep through the years and listen back every sometime!«, answers our bloke now in front of an empty jazz section room, because the manager has called up our salesman to pick up more bargain CDs that arrived in the stock, first floor. At his own risk (and expenses too), the client goes diving in the section himself. It’s not too easy when you don’t really know you could of course just as a new reader in psycho get the wrong book (»Art of Love« by E. Fromm for example, always there, waiting for you in any possible translation, the same crap through the years.), or in our case the wrong album (some »Euro-She-Vocalising Jazz Blonde«, any actually after 2001 or so…). But our man remembers buying a couple of years ago a fantastic Django Reinhardt 3 CDs Box Set on Saga that he listens to a lot still. Here we are, all I could tell you on the »New« Charlie Parker 1940-1953 Retrospective on Saga would be the same again. As for Charlie Parker, this box set is a must and will anyway show, play, tell, explain, teach, take and fly you far much deeper than I’d do. A kind of series you only want to discuss after you got a copy. Ten stars and surely not one less.

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