The back of the CD shows Kyle Bruckmann stating beneath mellow yellow green colours: This music is an attempt to create space for my voice and my instrument whithin an ever-evolving tradition that hovers at the crossroads of other tarditions. Bruckmann plays oboe, if that explains something. A sort of chamber jazz band with Trombonist Jeb Bishop, Tim Daisy on percussions, Kurt Johnson on bass and Jen Clare Paulson on Viola. The music in itself is sounding in between Tim Berne, AACM and third stream but rather is jazz I would say. Oboe suffers the known problem to be a very easily recognizable instrument but also very short in terms of dynamics. Whatever I always have to think of Karen Borca or the late Lindsay Cooper, not that they mainly played Oboe but that they’ve been some sort of pioneers and true masters in the inserting these reed instruments in various new contexts. About this particular record I don’t know exactly what to say. The whole music, players and group here are on a very high level but still it doesn’t really go anywhere particular in terms of voice or writting. A kind of record where you’d better play oboe yourself or just admire the oboe performance. Hard to say anything.


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