Odd Shot


Konnex Records

Trunpet, alto, double bass and drums. The sign of modern jazz but as a reference (considering Ornette Coleman’s original quartet and later various bands such as the Paul Motian quartet with Tim Berne and Herb Robertson or Jimmy Lyons groups with Andrew Cyrille and Lester Bowie). I’m affraid I’ve heard a lot of that I liked very much already. Also that is more of a personal comment but I hardly understand why nowadays people are carrying on in these directions. Odd Shot is primarly the compositions of leader and bassist Roland Fidelius. Every one has his skills, chops and a certain degree of practice as well as experience. But probably a live recording would have helped each instrumentist to take over more firmly. It’s quite lacking of directions taken or possible interplay I must say. It sounds like everyone is waiting for someone to decide something. It’s kept under control but the purpose of that I do not get. What is the point of going in that direction if things can’t go wrong or at least just go somewhere really? If a record can be a visit card, a visit card doesn’t guarantee it’s going to be a good record.

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